It's Jiggles!

Who is that girl at the bottom of the blog? Why it's JIGGLES!

Who is Jiggles you may ask? Why I will tell you.

Jiggles facts 101:

Jiggles is a Catgirl. An Anime Catgirl even! Okay not exactly anime, she isn't Japanese. But close!

Jiggles was created by Killo Zapit (thats ME!), but no longer serves him, but she still lives nearby and they mostly get along. Though Jiggles thinks Killo is a little dense... Hey! I am NOT!

Jiggles likes romance and friendship, and watches a lot of Shojo anime and Magical Girl anime.

Jiggles also likes animals of all kinds

Jiggles favorite food is fish but she feels sort of sad for the fish. She also is a fan of cookies.

Jiggles never gives up.

Jiggles is easily scared by zombies and vampires but she sort of overcame being scared of skeletons for some reason.

Jiggles always tries to be as good as she can be but some think she is sorta a love freak. She is also known to make long speeches about it.

Jiggles actually has four ears: two cat ears and two human ears. Hey, she was made magically her anatomy doesn't need to make sense. Her two sets of ears actually have different frequency responses and ideal ranges, with her human ears being better at close range and human speech and her cat ears being better at long range and high pitched sounds.

Jiggles is the star of my romhack.

More to come! Maybe.