Sunday, December 19, 2010

Registry Locks

Attention software programmers: If you want to use window's registry system to store data, do me and yourself a huge favor:


It's a badly designed badly implemented system filled with idiotic obscure CLSIDs and stupid shit, and if I have to clean up another botched install by deleting obscure keys no one can find, I will seriously hunt you all down and force you all to program software with the use in mind for once.

You know back in the day we put configuration in a file in the same directory of the application. That people, ya know, knew where it was and how to edit it. I know! Allowing the user to modify stuff! How crazy and primitive! Also we could delete stuff without worrying about tedious uninstall processes. So glad we got out of that and decided to make things 500 times more complicated! That sure improved user efficiency! We even had system configuration in files and people could actually change it with a text editor! Surly that is madness! I mean all the service people would be out of a job if configuration settings were actually easy to fix!

There is only one appropriate thing to do at this point


  1. I don't think anyone likes the windows registry system. What program is dicking you up, if I may ask?

  2. Google Sketchup. I got it working but I still can't get it to uninstall for some reason. Of course I am using wine so...