Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some Assembly Required

I just had a major freak out as a result of lots of stupid things related to romhacking. Although I only really addressed one of them. I am not going to list every example, but if you read the list of my posts on this page and working your way back you may find I do a lot of rather condescending post regarding someone's programing.

Maybe I am just full of myself. But I do think a lot of the ASM done on that site is sloppy and buggy. I guess it really doesn't matter when I usually make my own or modify others for my needs, but there is something, as I said, that often hurts part of "the inner programmer in my soul". I think of everything this is the thing I am most snobby and dickish about, mostly because it's a thing I think is very important to get right. I mean, I am not a professional, but I scrutinize and am effected by all the programing I see. I mean both my other rage topics were also about programing or design related subjects, and I have a lot more I could gripe about for hours.

Then again my semi-perfectionist nature is probably partly (but probably no where near majority) responsible for my ingrained lazyness. If I can't do something right, I feel like I shouldn't do it, and I tend to be over ambitious. So yeah.

Really it's easy for anyone to be a dick about somethings and I was up all night, not that that matters much.

Still I have to say it:

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