Thursday, April 22, 2010

Catcher in the Raibys*

Back when I was RPing with people on IRC, one person that would RP with me is this guy. Most of the characters he used were cute and lovable and got along well with Jiggles (not so much with killo, but killo is an ass) but every once and a while he would bring in a villain or backstory details for the mythos he was building. The problem for me was, the mythos he was building clashed badly with the one I was. Then again, a lot of the people I RPed with had mythoes that clashed badly with mine, but his probably the most potently, and it was largely because of one central fact. His actually took it's self seriously.

See, his mythos commonly uses science fiction elements. Most of the main characters are genetic experiments, most or all of the villains are cybernetic in some way. His characters are far from realistic, but they all have mostly in-universe explanations for their powers. Things in my mythos, by contrast, rely exclusively on a set of metaphysical concepts that rely primarily on the fact that none of my characters are real. The most potent example of this is my characterization for Killo. Killo's primary ability and personality relys on pretty much breaking the forth wall and godmoding, sometimes subtlety, sometimes not so subtlety, which of the reason other people dislike his character a lot. He simply follows no rules. Of course, in large part, thats the whole point. Killo exists largely to break the bounds of universal law, to show to other characters slowly a deeper truth. At least thats what he says.

One of the bigger things I found off about his universe is that though science is used to explain the origin of many of the characters, there is also a sort of "divine power" that many characters use though scientific methods. The "Cybers", who are basically the villains, are a good example. Each one seams to have semi-divine concepts they embody and use, and are basically close to gods, despite basically being part, or in some cases I think all, technological. To my knowledge it's not technology being mistaken as magic either, it's actual magical divine power.

What makes this seem off to me is that, for me, in a metaphysical sense, technology uses physics while any magic or divine power (which is really the same thing) is purely metaphysical. What this means is, any being who has a metaphysical presence, can only be degraded by cybernetics. Or to put it another way, Cybernetics Eat Your Soul. I don't discount the possibility of purely technological beings gaining a metaphysical presence, and I don't discount the possibility for non-organic matter to be used as the body of a metaphysical entity, but in both cases, the result is more like a golem, and the actual technology become irrelevant, only the material matters, and only as a conduit for magical forces. Such an entity would in time become more like it's idealized form, rather then more like a robot. Of course, having a robot/cyborg-like idealized form is possible, but extremely silly, because all robot/cyborg are less idealized forms of other things.

Of course, with an extremely clever metaphysical explanation, this actually does make some degree of sense. "Cybers" may in fact not be technological at all, but are instead beings made to reflect their leader Vector's personal concept of perfection. Vector itself may be a remnant of a technological being that gained sapience and/or was worshiped as a god, gradually transforming it into a metaphysical cosmic being... actually using that explanation it makes perfect sense.

Disregard everything I siad, I suck cocks.

(*) His DA account notes "HIS NAME IS PRONOUNCED 'RYE-BISS', NOT 'RABIES!'" which is (un)fortunate because otherwise the pun would otherwise be "I got Raibys" and there are enough Pokemon references that can be made already.

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