Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spooky action at a distance

I was talking about ghosts on a forum and on IRC and thought I would make a blog post out of it.

I don't believe in ghosts really, but sometimes I wonder... particularly about some photo stuff. It's easy to dismiss most of it as a hallucination or even a shared semi-psychic vision, and say the photos are fake, but I have seen some somewhat odd things captured by video/camera that might be real, showing it is something physical, which just boggles me.

The big thing for me is not that there is no evidence, but there isn't even a theory on how this stuff happens. If there is a well-grounded idea of where this stuff comes from and why it happens I would except it a lot more, but now it all involves semi-mystical bullshit, and the only even passable theory involves other dimensions that exist somehow and have attributes that aren't explained.

Actually, I can think of ONE idea of how it may work: Time-delayed quantum entanglement of light, but that doesn't really explain how it works or what causes it. My only guess is consciousness is a result of strong quantum fields which can become entangled in moments where the quantum field is focused enough (aka strong emotions) at the body's death (which would normal cause consciousness' field to collapse). But this is dubious pseudoscience at best and complete bullshit at worse. At least it's a theory though.

More specifically, I think consciousness is a result of or equivalent to quantum collapse of a complex system that modifies it's self and/or feeds into it's self. Like the human brain, it behaves in set ways, but can learn and expand and modify it's state. I think any system with these parameters can become conscious if it becomes complex enough, such as AI.

If you look at the quantum interactions behind such a system, it as a whole would exist in such a state that it undergoes periods of quantum uncertainty and quantum collapse occurring in sequence along the systems. Thus I feel it collapses into a whole pure state that excludes for the most part the rest of the universe, which is why we experience consciousness subjectively and why we experience time as we do (that and I think time is more a process then a dimension).

Anyway, yeah. Cut and paste blogging is fun. :P

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