Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Guitar Zero World Bore

I stumbled on an old video reviewing Guitar Hero 5 where the reviewer mostly complains about how the lineup of songs is crap. Well duh. Even if I didn't hate rock to start with, I think the bigger problem is, no matter what the songs are, music games just suck anyway.

From the original DDR, to whatever future Rock Guitar Band Hero 500 game may exist, they suck, always have sucked, and always will suck. They force feed you whatever shitty pop music happens to be popular, they require expensive stupid peripherals to really enjoy, they milk the franchises with more squeals and spin offs then Mega Man or Street Fighter combined, but the worse offense is, they just offer nothing in terms of gameplay or entertainment, unless you count looking like an ass.

For god sakes people, I don't want to turn this into a "casual" vs "hardcore" argument, but fucking Tetris had more variety and interesting gameplay then this. It's like playing something like Dragon Lair where all you do is press buttons every once and a while to not die, except their is no dieing, the buttons are marked for you, and there isn't any interesting cartoon slapstick to make things at least partly entertaining. This is a minigame at best. There is nothing wrong with having some rhythm-based gameplay elements, but why can't we have something interesting to do with them like maybe in RPG combat like Mother 3 or Shadow Hearts, not a long string of them in a row for no reason. Plus if you want MUSIC games, why not hook up real guitars though midi interfaces and actually PLAY THE NOTES and not beat on colored dotes on a cheep plastic stick.

Okay I admit, I never played any of these games, and I probably never will, so maybe there is more too it then I let on. But I doubt it. Can we please, please, just stop buying and making the stupid things and let if fade into an embarrassing fad and move on to making games that actually have gameplay?

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