Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rock is boring.

I created a Pandora Radio station a while ago. I try and seed it with songs I like, though I am rather annoyed at it's lack of video game or some of the interesting remix music I find on youtube, but I guess the whole point is to find real bands with traits I like, and it is interesting what I find sometimes. But I really find half the time I don't like "mainstream" music. At all.

Most of this has to do with over use of the guitar. I hate the guitar. Okay, every once and a while there are some cool guitar songs and solos and stuff, so I obviously don't hate it. Even power chords and other distorted guitar, which are overused to the point where I can hardly stand to admit it when a song that uses them is actually GOOD. Of course, this actually happens with pianos and horns and other musical instruments too. Once a band or genre uses them, they will usually use them in every song, non-stop, until you just want to smash every instrument of that type you see. A no doubt related problem is that all songs by any given band usually sound exactly the same. Even songs I like often are the only songs of any given band that is any good, with some exceptions. I guess it's just part of the bigger problem that most music is mass-produced soulless slop. I guess thats the problem when you have a band composed of 4 or 5 members who each only really play one instrument in one style. And the only reason music tends to follow that formula is due to live concerts. I never attend live concerts anyway. I like studio sculpted music with deep and subtle music, not music blared in your ear until they bleed in a crowd of yelling morons, but maybe thats just me.

Video game music somehow often avoids these problems. Sometimes. I think it's just do to forcing game music to be composed on a theme to fit a variety of different areas or moods. Thats why, for example, Final Fantasy music is so dynamic and rich... each song is fit to it's own theme and they rarely repeat form one game to another. Not only do they have a range of themes, but most songs have different styles, from sweeping classical themes, to hard rock, even to techno or salsa. Other games, like Megaman, also seem to share this somewhat. But few bands do. It's just the same old crappy love song with the same old crappy style repeated over and over. But their are those that don't.

Anyway I am a lot more open to different music then I used to be. I used to only really like game music, but I realized over time, that game music is about the same as any other music really, the difference is they don't play the same song 50 times in a row... usually.

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