Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I found myself going to this site today, even though I have been there about a million times. As you might guess, Pink Floyd probably my favorite bands ever. Mostly because it has a lot of variety and depth to it's music, unlike most rock bands bland rehashes of the same song over and over again. It's also probably because I was introduced to it at a young age via my father, but then again, he also introduced me to Bob Dylan and other classic rock or folk crap I really can't stand that stuff.

Anyway, out of all Pink Floyd's albums, The Wall is probably the most emotionally and symbolically deep (though not necessarily the most musically impressive, but it's up there). When I was young I saw a heavy censored TV version of the movie which was probably the most psychologically fascinating thing I had seen up till that point. All the weird imagery and the basic story really struck a cord with me.

Even before I found the analysis site, I basically had figured out most of the meaning behind it. In fact it's not really that hard to figure out, though it speaks more to your emotions then your mind. I think it really was the start of my love for symbolism and artsy-fartsy stuff in general, though really I can see why some people wouldn't like it. You could say it's a tad pretentious, and to be honest it is a bit. One thing I don't agree with with this stuff is that you need drugs to understand it. I never have and probably never will take drugs, and it's perfectly understandable to me.

I have toyed with the thought of what my own version of The Wall would be like. In the end though, my childhood just isn't angsty enough to really match this sort of stuff. My dad never died in a war, my mom was never that overprotective. It's not that I don't have problems but they aren't a big deal. I also sort of think that would be silly anyway. I am over my angsty teen years after all.

In the end it is just a silly thing made for some silly band, so bah. I honestly forgot what I was trying to do with this post.

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