Monday, August 30, 2010


I was browsing this page on TVTropes when I came across this image talking about why people hate furries.

Now a little background might be in order. On the Internet, several groups and communities have formed form the protoplasm over the years. Three of the most infamous are Goons, /b/tards, and of course, furries.

Both Goons and /b/tards hate furries. Said image was made by /b/tards complaining about furries. One of the comments where it is liked too on the TVTropes page is "4chan needs to have a speech aimed back, cause there's at least half a dozen reasons why they're worse". Of course most people know /b/tards are trolls, so doing so may would just be taking the bate.

Plus it's not as if they don't kinda have a point. Furries are not entirely the most well-adjusted people on average. I could go on with the problems they have, but thats not the point I am trying to make. Here is the thing though. The people who hate on furries don't do it because of that, they do it simply to gratify their own ego and/or make themselves look cool. Furries are mostly just easy targets.

I again have to point out being a troll doesn't make you cool or witty. Anyone can do it. Just go say something bad about something where you know people who like that thing can hear. Instant drama. I will admit you might derive amusement from it, like the first few times, but it just becomes old and tiresome to see a group basically bashed again and again because people think they are slightly annoying.

It doesn't help that the victims basically enables their behavior by giving them what they want. but it's not like I can tell anyone to calm down and ignore it anymore then I can tell trolls to stop trolling. Me, I stay away as much as possible from all the groups. They are all caught up in this cycle of hate that I rather not be involved in.

Though I have a secret lust for furry porn. What? I said nothing!


  1. For a question to the author, what would you "fix" about the /b/tard x furry dynamic in order to alleviate the tension between them? Is there possibly anything to do at all, because the two groups are fundamentally different at their very cultural cores? (Personally, I believe the latter, but I still want to ask you)

  2. Only thing that can be done is for both sides to "grow the hell up" so to speak. It's not a question of values or ideals, it's a question of pride.

  3. Oh yes, pride. The single best way to defeat logic :(

    Oh well, it's not that important anyway. You're right, it's best to just stay out of it. (Even though I've been lurking around on SA a lot lately; I don't have an account, but I've been lurking there for about 5 months now, trying to *get* the culture. The amount of parallels between /b/ and SA are actually pretty startling.

  4. The way I look at Goons is as a army of lawful knight tempers, and the way I look at /b/tards is as a army of chaotic terrorists. Although /b/tards I respect a lot more because they do occasionally do good things, so they are admittedly more chaotic neutral then chaotic evil. But I really have not browsed SA enough to really know much.

    From what I have seen outside SA, Goons are a bunch of elitist jerks though.