Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bltyugh fyitf ufytfugk

I sort of lost track of myself in Dwarf Fortress for a few days. I do that sometimes. Find something that completely overcomes my life for a while. Sometimes it's a project but it's usually a game of some sort. I have also stay up mostly the whole night, though I might do that anyway, game or no game.

But anyway yeah, I sort of forgot about blogging lately. Not that anyone reads this or anything, but since when did that stop me? Anyway I started this blog to practice writing and drawing silly doodles, not to have anyone read... though I wish they would, cause I am vain like that.

Now it's almost 5:00 am here and I feel a tad burned out and I realize I wasted another day playing a silly game and not accomplishing anything. I want to finish my silly hack and someday move to possibly other projects but I just can't work on it. I am just not in the mood for it, but even when I am I never get anything done. I only ever actually work on it if I suddenly get into a mood where it just "works". Sometimes things just flow from my mind and I can get a lot of crap done. It's rather amusingly like a "Strange Mood" from Dwarf Fortress where one of your dwarfs suddenly goes crazy, climbs a workshop, kicks everyone else out of it, collects random junk, and starts working madly on a super valuable artifact till it is completed or the dwarf's little mind snaps leaving him raving mad, berserk, or depressed to the point of suicide. Well I already am raving mad so maybe it IS the same thing.

Anyway, poopcake lingerpotter ziggywoot, and such.

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