Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Law and Disorder

So my favorite pr0n site, known as rule34 has been getting a bit paranoid about government cracking down on "lolicon". One example they give is this case which is, to me, a prime example of whats wrong with the whole thing. The problem being, art of any kind being prosecuted for being "obscene" or "wrong" without any attempt at justification. And once again the Protect Act lets them get away with it. See, legal action has nothing to do with right and wrong anymore, or even law, just how much someone can push to have someone convicted.

Also I have to say, as someone who enjoys lolicon for various reasons, I am a little offended everyone who does is assumed to go out and abuse random kids. I think people have completely missed the point on this whole issue. Child Abuse is wrong because a child gets hurt. Child Porn is wrong because children get exploited. These are clear cut well defined moral reasons. But drawings? Because someone might want to maybe abuse someone? Sorry not gonna cut it.

On the other hand, I rather dislike rape and forced situations in any context, particularly with children, and I do think people who enjoy such are a bit messed up in the head... but it's still not a moral issue until someone is actually hurt.

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