Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Horror is boring.

I have been reading though the archive of a silly little quest forum game thing called that can found here. I found out about it do to random pr0n I found on Rule34 (the best site evar). And I thought, "Gee here is a fun looking game with some cute furry animal things" but then I saw it and was like "OMGWTF! RUN! MONSTERS!" only not really. Yeah it involves mutant zombie things and lots and lots of gore, and is basically about a bunny girl with a GIRLY FIGURE and a kitty boy with a MANLY PHYSIQUE who do their best to survive in a seemingly overrun medical research place of some kind, and stuff. And then it tries to be weird and mess with the players' heads. But heres the thing. It's not really that scary. It's kinda interesting sometimes, and it has some cute moments, and even a few awesome ones, but it gets rather old with the horror stuff.

And when I think about it, not much horror is scary at all. And I realize that everyone probably says that, but really, the most frighting horror ever got was probably Lovecraft, and thats only more of a vague conceptual horror. The idea of the universe being filled with harsh unmentionable nameless things that could squish humans like ants, is rather unsettling, but I doubt very much the universe is like that. And anyway I don't much see the point. If I wanted to scare myself silly I have no further to look then real life. I much rather read stories that mean something, not that all horror stories don't, I just have much more fun deconstructing the symbolism involved and elements of how their worlds work then I do with the monsters jumping out and going boo, or a slightly foggy or dark world spattered in gore.

Also, I feel rather sad for the characters in horror stories. Well the ones who are not tottal pricks. They are thrown in a world that hates them, forced to act in stupid convoluted ways for the sake of the plot, and they often end up broken mentally and physically for no other reason then to shock and scare. Why can't I have a playful romp with cute critters who have fun adventures and maybe some sex? Oh yeah I guess thats too shallow for you guys.

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