Friday, February 19, 2010

Why consoles suck

I don't own a 360 or a PS3 and probably never will. I do own a Wii but I never use the damn thing. In fact, all the new games I ever play are for my DS and my PSP nowadays. I have a laptop also, but I don't really play games on it. I do however watch videos of people playing games and watch reviews of games, and I think I can safely say there are hardly any games for them I want to play, and even the ones I do, I rather play in bed on a handheld then bother with a TV screen and stuff. The only thing that annoys me is 360 and PS3 have some indie games like Megaman 9 I would like to try. Why can't they put that as a downloadable DSi or PSP game I have no idea. I have alot of old games on my PSP (although my new one isn't set up to play them right now) and I would certainly shell out the cash for the virtual console versions if they worked on the DSi. As far as I know they don't. Nor any indie games. Although PS1 games work on PSP thats a plus, but it's rather annoying that I need hacks to play PS1 games I already own. I also acknowledge the fact I am cheep as hell and don't have the money to pay for any of this crap anyway.

As a side note, why do game makers make indie games for consoles? Or make "updated" versions on systems I will never own? I think it's because PC game development has become more and more troublesome. But it annoys me that there isn't a universal format for simple games. Ya know, like java or flash only it doesn't suck. I guess thats why I got into rom hacking. Emulators are a lot more universal then any one system.

I feel a lot like I did back in the snes and genesis days. I owned nether, could get nether, and didn't really care, and it's only when emulators became available that I went back and discovered how good they were. But then again, as long as I can watch someone play it on youtube, 90% of the games I find thats enough, and I hardly play games nowadays anyway. Maybe I am just getting old.

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